Stop SEO in Favor of Pay Per Click?

Advertisement on my Facebook feed today - What do you think?

Here's what I woke up to (before my cup of coffee, which I may have spit out upon reading!)

Ultimate Google Adwords Course 2018 - Stop SEO & Win With PPC!

Well darn! Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong for the last 15 years according to this gem of an ad that showed up in my Facebook feed this morning. 


Stop SEO? Stop SEO! Stop SEO $#*%

Well, I suppose abandoning all of my hard work, best practices and the constant learning evolution that comes from a career that has immersed me deeply into the arena of search engine optimization could be just the ticket to turning some sweet ROI?

Actually, I get how this could appeal to some. Not that I could imagine myself switching gears and completely shutting down my SEO efforts. But still, all the hard work, research, patience, ability to test and try new things, to write engaging content and think of the end user, to build a quality back-link profile, sure I get the appeal of aiming low on the funnel and hitting people with ads when they are in the decision making process. 

This ad makes me shake my head, maybe I'm over-reacting? Or maybe not. I personally think it's terrible advice. I would never tell someone to simply stop SEO in favor of pay-per-click.

What I would recommend to them is to make sure they've defined and have a full understanding of their model. If it makes sense and they can afford to invest in PPC by all means they should learn it and apply it in a scalable manner. 

Pay per click ads with Google, when done properly, can lead to great things. I know this first hand as I've run SEO and PPC efforts simultaneously for years. I want to reach consumers at various stages of the decision-making process. I also work in a highly competitive industry.

There are plenty of SEO opportunities for us to continue working towards, for instance, one piece of content achieves 25-30k visits each month. These visits are higher up in the funnel for sure, but they still provide a great value. With our PPC campaigns, which are finely tuned, we reach consumers that are ready to make a choice now. This helps keep a consistent volume coming in good acquisition costs. Consistency is key.

However, if the world of PPC were to get turned on its head, we still have excellent SEO channels at work. I work on SEO every single day and I wouldn't stop for the life of me because the next big hit is around the corner, so to speak and I certainly want those efforts to augment my PPC spend. It's a balancing act of sorts.

Try Learning and Applying Both SEO & PPC if it Fits Your Needs

So my advice built from years of experience is this. Don't stop SEO! Rather, I would say don't wait to start SEO! While your SEO efforts may take time and hard work to pay off and there is the allure of the quick PPC payout consider running a blended program. 

Do learn PPC, there is a ton of value in knowing and understanding the nuances of running an effective campaign. You'll gain knowledge, insight and hopefully new customers! 

The marketing world can turn on a dime. I used to buy yellow page ads, television ads, billboards, even newspaper ads and other print publications. It doesn't take long for the dynamics to change and without diversification just putting all of your eggs in the proverbial PPC basket could lead to a rude awakening.

It can be daunting to start an SEO driven campaign, but I still feel it has the ability to greatly reward those who dig in and become a sponge when it comes to absorbing the insane amount of great knowledge that is readily available to you. I've seen a study a few years back that stated about 15% or so of all daily keyword searches are brand new, never before used phrases. Think about that! Opportunity is there. If you're able to get ahead of trends more power to you!

So, back to the post in my Facebook feed. Don't stop SEO! Be willing to learn both if you have the time and resources. This ad said that you'll learn easy and powerful techniques to drive traffic. I've never found PPC easy, but I have found it to be reliable once you dial your campaign in. 

Stay vigilant my friends! While there is a ton of great and useful advice to marketers online just be sure to stop and consider what your being sold before deciding what your next steps are!

Also, feel free to share your comments below or if you've seen some interesting sales pitches as it relates to SEO, PPC or making money online drop them in the comments as well!